Dutch Reading Association

The Dutch Reading Foundation (via website Reading Monitor (Leesmonitor in Dutch)) publishes the most important results of scientific research on reading promotion. Since 2018, they have provided an English version of the website. You can visit the website via the following address: https://www.leesmonitor.nu/en/promoting-reading. The website contains information on seven different topics that are relevant for reading promotors:


The effects of reading aloud, https://www.leesmonitor.nu/en/reading-aloud

The effects of free-time reading, https://www.leesmonitor.nu/en/free-time-reading

Reading education by teachers, https://www.leesmonitor.nu/en/reading-education

Differences between boys and girls, https://www.leesmonitor.nu/en/boys-and-girls


Best regards,

Gerlien van Dalen, President Dutch Reading Foundation

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