Libraries and literacy article

ALADIN member Sanjana Shrestha from READ Nepal did research at UIL in May 2013 in the framework of a CONFINTEA Scholarship to work with Lisa Krolak on an article on community libraries and literacy, taking the libraries run by READ Nepal as an example.  This article has been published online in the International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning:

The potential of community libraries in supporting literate environments and sustaining literacy skills

Abstract: This article shows how community libraries can create and support literate environments, which are essential for building and sustaining literacy skills in local communities. The paper begins with a subject analysis reviewing available background materials and literature on the topic. Next, relevant issues are considered based on experiences and impact evaluations from specific community libraries, namely Nepal’s Rural Education and Development (READ) Centres. The findings indicate that since their foundation in 1991, READ Centres have evolved from traditional libraries to effective community development centres with a strong focus on social empowerment, economic development and lifelong learning, based on a library concept which is needs-based, community-owned and sustainable.

Please  contact Lisa Krolak ( in case you want to read the article, but do not have full-text access.


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