Multicultural children’s collections

Below are several ways of providing multicultural, multilingual collections to children and young people:

1. “Unite for Literacy”
Their mission is as follows:
“Book Abundance is Our Vision: We picture Book Abundance where all children have access to plenty of books that celebrate their cultures and honor their home languages. We see a world where all children grow up learning the joy of reading. Our vision inspires our work. The impact will be infinite, wondrous and global in scale.
Picture Books are What We Do: We create Picture Book abundance by sharing our library with emerging readers everywhere. We provide BIG time abundance.abundant access. abundant languages.abundant books.”

2. Please note that the IFLA Section Libraries for Children and Young Adults has its own Facebook page, which focuses on the development of library services for children and young adults
all around the world.

3. The newly launched Australian Children’s Poetry website focuses on (English) poetry for children . This is a wonderful site. There is a poem for each day, which teachers can read to their classes. It also provides detailed information about different Australian poets who write for
children. You can join the blog free of charge. Today it published a list of children’s poetry sites in the UK and the USA.

Does your country have special websites which are devoted to children’s poetry? If so, please contact Helen Boelens (