Monthly Archive for April, 2010

Get to know the Federal Knowledge Management Working Group

  Recently, I came across this working group. They have set up a very useful and comprehensive wiki, which deals with all aspects of KM in government and any other sector. My best pick on the site is a ‘Report an Recommendations on Web 2.0 and Social Software’ . It brings together good […]

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Researchgate: Facebook for Scientists

  A new social platform provides Science 2.0 – just enter your ID, load up your profile and you are in touch with other scientists in your field around the globe. Work together on interdisciplinary projects, get advice in your own research and publish your paper. That was the vision […]

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Knowledge Societies Expert Meeting

How to build inclusive knowledge societies? During the Word Summit on the Information Society (2003-2005), UNESCO took up the challenge and made the development of knowledge societies one of their strategic objectives. In 2005, the first World report on Knowledge Societes was published. It is available for download in all […]

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