Open source, open services and great outcomes

Open source is an enabler of wide capabilities not just because the source code is provided, but also because it tends to be “open” in other respects – especially in interfacing with other systems.  Many open source projects are indeed built around preexisting classes and code.

Terry Reece, creator of the wonderful MarcEdit utility, has indicated that the next release of his software will include direct integration with the Koha Open system using Koha’s web services.

This announcement illustrates several things.  First and foremost, it shows the benefits of open API’s and interface standards, and the mashups between different applications that this allows.  This is generally enhanced in an open source context because there are no commercial vested interests in keeping out “outsiders”.

For those systems librarians that have not used MarcEdit, it might be time to try it out – it is a fantastic tool for metadata manipulation.


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