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Open Data Sevilla

It is not a surprise to find open data events nowadays. One such event took place  a few days ago in Seville, Spain. The II meeting on open government & open data (II jornadas en gobierno abierto y open data Sevilla) was organised by Opendata Seville Group and Universidad Pablo Olavide. The purpose was to promote transparency, public information access and participation from the open government standpoint.

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Malawi: CSFLIP Seminar and General Meeting

The Civil Service Forum for Library and Information Personnel (CSFLIP) will hold a two day Seminar and General Meeting to be held at Mponela Agricultural Conference Hall, Malawi, from 13th to 14th December, 2012.

The theme of the Seminar is “Libraries are engine for Climate Change Information and Knowledge”.

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Librarians Helping Librarians

By Jerry W. Mansfield – Chair, Government Libraries Section.

Nearly every library has an “Ask a Librarian” link on their website via which a library patron may ask any librarian a question via the web and receive a reply back via email or in a response posted to a website for other patrons to read. Now there is a similar service for librarians who are having difficulty in locating, identifying, creating, or comparing either responses, plans, or products and more. Heather Negley, a librarian living in Virginia (USA), has developed the website Help a Librarian available at http://www.helpalibrarian.com>.

help a librarian

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