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My IFLA WLIC 2012 Experience

Each conference experience is unique. A huge event such as IFLA World Library and Information Congress, is not an exception. On this ocassion, María del Carmen Díez-Hoyo, member of the IFLA Government Libraries Section, gives us her impressions gained from the last congress held in Helsinki.

Exhibition Area. Photo by Jonas Tana. Source: IFLA HQ at Flickr

Three years have passed since I had been to an annual IFLA meeting. The 78th annual conference took place in Helsinki, August 11th to 16th. It is a Nordic city, a kind city, beautiful and with pleasant weather, at least during the conference. It also enjoys good public transportation: trains, tramways, buses and subway. The conference’s headquarters was a huge convention hall, teeming with 4000 librarians, the usual suspects at these events, colorfully tagged with their names, institutions and countries.
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Successful events in Helsinki! Lyon will receive WLIC 2014!

Our activities in Helsinki have been successful! We have had many attendees and the sessions and meeting have been participative.
At the closing session, Lyon (France) has been announced as the venue for WLIC 2014!

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Access to Digital Case Law in the United States: A Historical Perspective

Legal information arena will also be covered in our session at IFLA Annual Congress. Dr. Xiaohua Zhu will provide a historical perspective on the access rights to case law information in digital formats in the United States, focusing on the intertwined socio-technical factors as well as the major actors, including the government, information providers, libraries, and public interest groups, who have shaped and changed the access rights.

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Government Libraries in Greece: Present State

Our session at the IFLA Annual Congress will include a presentation that covers the opportunities and contraints for government libraries in Greece. According to the authors Monopoli & Mastora:

The sector of government libraries in Greece is one not adequately researched. Although the Hellenic Statistical Authority of the Ministry of Finance collects statistical data from all public libraries every two years, this data is not sufficiently promoted and exploited to the benefit of the particular community.

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The United States Federal Depository Program: Act on Change

An American Federal Program which promotes access to government information. This is the target of one of the presentations  that will be covered in session 193 of the upcoming IFLA World Library and Information Congress.

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Trends and prospects on government libraries: our selected papers

https://openclipart.org/detail/75667/speech-bubbles-by-shokuninA new model for library services inside a national government. A different view to information access within civic service. Opportunities and contraints for government libraries of a nation in crisis.  An agenda for disaster risk management. Big government reform and the new game for library services.

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IFLA 2012: Convocatoria de ponencias

La Sección de Bibliotecas Gubernamentales; la Sección Información Gubernamental y Publicaciones Oficiales; la Sección Bibliotecas Legales y la Sección de Bibliotecas y Servicios de Investigación para Parlamentos solicita propuestas de ponencias para ser presentadas en la próxima Conferencia General de IFLA, a celebrarse en Helsinki, Finlandia. Extensión de fecha final de envíos: 20 de FEBRERO, 2012

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