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“Government Information and Libraries: production – management – access” 13 June 2014, Athens, Greece

Government Information and  Libraries

Sanjay k. Bihani, Chair of IFLA’s Government Libraries Section, delivering the keynote speech of the event

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The Secretariat General of Information & Communication (SGIC) represented by the Library of the Analysis and Documentation Directorate, in collaboration with the Hellenic Competition Commission, organised a full-day event themed “Government Information and Libraries: production – management – access”.

The main goal of the event, which was included in the parallel events of the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union, was to present the main aspects of government information life circle with regards to strengthen current actions on open access to government information. Along with this, one of the main concerns was to motivate the field of government libraries towards empowering their role in this context.
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Working Session “Government Information and Libraries” – 12 May 2014, Athens, Greece *

12 May 2014: Programme  Working session: Government Information and Libraries
The Secretariat General of Information & Communication (SGIC) represented by the Library of the Analysis and Documentation Directorate, in collaboration with the Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists, organised, on 12th May 2014, a Working Session themed “Government Information and Libraries”, in the context of the 22nd EBLIDA-NAPLE Annual Conference. Participation to the event was possible by invitation only. This decision was made in order to target and ensure the participation of certain and identified stakeholders of the field along with ensuring the representation of most of the involved disciplines, like information and computer science, and law. Seventy invitations were sent; and we are happy to report that approximately sixty participants attended the event covering all identified areas in the government information management process.

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Guidelines for Government Libraries: a Chinese Version

We are glad to inform that a new translation of the Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments is already online. Thanks to the collaboration of CHEN Ning, from the National Library of China, the Chinese version of the Guidelines can be found in our publications webpage.

The guidelines are meant for managers and line staff of government libraries. It takes the shape of a working guide, where examples, models of behaviours, services and best practices are listed and can be followed when they suit the situation.

We are especially happy this time because with this new translation, every IFLA official language has been covered. We are proud to have shared the Guidelines with a growing community of librarians around the globe.

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Guidelines for Government Libraries translated into Arabic

As we did with other languages, our Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments have been translated into Arabic. This time, Miss Maria El Kady was in charge of the translation, with the coordination of Fatima Alloul, Corresponding Member of the IFLA Government Libraries Section.

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Malawi: CSFLIP Seminar and General Meeting

The Civil Service Forum for Library and Information Personnel (CSFLIP) will hold a two day Seminar and General Meeting to be held at Mponela Agricultural Conference Hall, Malawi, from 13th to 14th December, 2012.

The theme of the Seminar is “Libraries are engine for Climate Change Information and Knowledge”.

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Joining Government Libraries Section

Are you interested or have been involved on issues concerning to government libraries? Would you like to contribute to your profession on an international level?

The Government Libraries Section are looking for new members to participate in its activities, projects and initiatives.  If you are interested, just contact us at ifla.governmentlibraries@gmail.com and we will take care of your nomination.

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Government Libraries in Greece: Present State

Our session at the IFLA Annual Congress will include a presentation that covers the opportunities and contraints for government libraries in Greece. According to the authors Monopoli & Mastora:

The sector of government libraries in Greece is one not adequately researched. Although the Hellenic Statistical Authority of the Ministry of Finance collects statistical data from all public libraries every two years, this data is not sufficiently promoted and exploited to the benefit of the particular community.

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