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“Government Information and Libraries: production – management – access” 13 June 2014, Athens, Greece

Government Information and  Libraries

Sanjay k. Bihani, Chair of IFLA’s Government Libraries Section, delivering the keynote speech of the event

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The Secretariat General of Information & Communication (SGIC) represented by the Library of the Analysis and Documentation Directorate, in collaboration with the Hellenic Competition Commission, organised a full-day event themed “Government Information and Libraries: production – management – access”.

The main goal of the event, which was included in the parallel events of the Hellenic Presidency of the Council of the European Union, was to present the main aspects of government information life circle with regards to strengthen current actions on open access to government information. Along with this, one of the main concerns was to motivate the field of government libraries towards empowering their role in this context.
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Working Session “Government Information and Libraries” – 12 May 2014, Athens, Greece *

12 May 2014: Programme  Working session: Government Information and Libraries
The Secretariat General of Information & Communication (SGIC) represented by the Library of the Analysis and Documentation Directorate, in collaboration with the Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists, organised, on 12th May 2014, a Working Session themed “Government Information and Libraries”, in the context of the 22nd EBLIDA-NAPLE Annual Conference. Participation to the event was possible by invitation only. This decision was made in order to target and ensure the participation of certain and identified stakeholders of the field along with ensuring the representation of most of the involved disciplines, like information and computer science, and law. Seventy invitations were sent; and we are happy to report that approximately sixty participants attended the event covering all identified areas in the government information management process.

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Access to Digital Case Law in the United States: A Historical Perspective

Legal information arena will also be covered in our session at IFLA Annual Congress. Dr. Xiaohua Zhu will provide a historical perspective on the access rights to case law information in digital formats in the United States, focusing on the intertwined socio-technical factors as well as the major actors, including the government, information providers, libraries, and public interest groups, who have shaped and changed the access rights.

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Spain: Ministry of Defense launches a digital library

Recently, under the Madrid Book Fair, the digital library “Biblioteca Virtual de Defensa” has been introduced in Spain.

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Trends and prospects on government libraries: our selected papers

https://openclipart.org/detail/75667/speech-bubbles-by-shokuninA new model for library services inside a national government. A different view to information access within civic service. Opportunities and contraints for government libraries of a nation in crisis.  An agenda for disaster risk management. Big government reform and the new game for library services.

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Government Information: Inputs for Learning

Information from government departments aimed exclusively at adults? A suggestive direction is offered in the latest issue of IFLA Journal (March 2012, p. 68-77). There we can find the article The Gov Doc Kids Group and free government information, written by Tom Adamich, Martha Childers, Katy Davis, John H. Faria and Antoinnette W.  Satterfield (published also as a paper at the IFLA WLIC 77 in Puerto Rico).

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