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Spain: Ministry of Defense launches a digital library

Recently, under the Madrid Book Fair, the digital library “Biblioteca Virtual de Defensa” has been introduced in Spain.

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IFLA workshop on transparency and good governance: Argentina

By Magdalena Biota

On September 28, 2011, simultaneously with the “Access to information day”, the Workshop on transparency and good governance was carried out in Buenos Aires. Cosponsored by IFLA LAC, IFLA FAIFE and the Library of Congress of Argentina, the workshop was delivered by Paul Sturges, from the University of Loughborough, England, and by Alejandra Martínez del Prado, from the System of Libraries of the School of Medicine (UNAM), contributing to the exchange of ideas on how libraries can contribute to good governance and transparency.

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Peru: National Library’s Head confirmed in office

Photo Source: El Comercio (Historical Archive)Ramon Mujica was recently confirmed again as Head of the Peru’s National Library by the incoming President Ollanta Humala. Mujica, who has been in office since September 2010, was actively exposed in media because of his complaints about some valuable books which had been taken away from the library.
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Japan Earthquake: Libraries to Recover

By Mika Lawler

Earthquake damages librariesThe Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami on March 11th left massive destruction. Especially hard-hit are libraries in the coastal area; at worst libraries were wholly swept away, and many others report damaged premises and scattered, seawater-soaked collections. Library communities, government organizations, cultural institutions, private corporations and volunteers around the nation have been offering support for the libraries of the region.

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IFLA GLS: possible upcoming projects

Next year we want to lauch engaging projects for the government libraries’ community.
So we’d love to hear your voice about what kind of projects would you like us to undertake.

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Introducing the new Standing Committee members

The new Standing Committee of the Government Libraries Section was announced during the IFLA Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico, August 2011. We would like to introduce its members to you.


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Librarians Helping Librarians

By Jerry W. Mansfield – Chair, Government Libraries Section.

Nearly every library has an “Ask a Librarian” link on their website via which a library patron may ask any librarian a question via the web and receive a reply back via email or in a response posted to a website for other patrons to read. Now there is a similar service for librarians who are having difficulty in locating, identifying, creating, or comparing either responses, plans, or products and more. Heather Negley, a librarian living in Virginia (USA), has developed the website Help a Librarian available at>.

help a librarian

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