Working Session “Government Information and Libraries” – 12 May 2014, Athens, Greece *

12 May 2014: Programme  Working session: Government Information and Libraries

Guest post (*)

The Secretariat General of Information & Communication (SGIC) represented by the Library of the Analysis and Documentation Directorate, in collaboration with the Association of Greek Librarians and Information Scientists, organised, on 12th May 2014, a Working Session themed “Government Information and Libraries”, in the context of the 22nd EBLIDA-NAPLE Annual Conference. Participation to the event was possible by invitation only. This decision was made in order to target and ensure the participation of certain and identified stakeholders of the field along with ensuring the representation of most of the involved disciplines, like information and computer science, and law. Seventy invitations were sent; and we are happy to report that approximately sixty participants attended the event covering all identified areas in the government information management process.

Different aspects were presented during the Working Session ranging from purely technical to systemic. The session began with two presentations about EBLIDA’s role and how this relates to government information and the role of public libraries in giving access to this kind of information. Some of the issues discussed were the data economy and how big, linked and open data have found their way in Greek public administration. Towards that end, a presentation of the ISA (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) programme took place which triggered the discussion about technical issues relating to interoperability, particularly semantic, and its benefits for the public sector. Additionally, during this event, a research about Greek government libraries previously presented at the 2012 IFLA WLIC, was presented to the Greek audience for the first time. This research stressed the need for collaboration among government libraries. Another presentation, about collaborative library networks in general, served as a convincing argument to the research’s proposal. The session ended with a presentation about public sector information, standards concerning records management and how government information will stand in the era of semantic web. Special reference was made to the Greek librarians’ education and how this expertise could serve as a tool in the hands of public administration.

The vivid interest and the participation of the delegates as well as their eagerness to discuss on the issues raised during the Working Session motivated us to renew this appointment. Therefore, a full-day, open-to-the-public event about “Government Information and Libraries: production – management – access” was announced for the 13 June 2014.

More information about the Working Session is available in English and Greek.

* Guest post prepared by:

Anna Mastora, Librarian at the Secretariat General of Mass Media – Secretariat General of Information & Communication

Maria Monopoli, Librarian at the Bank of Greece

Maria Koloniari, Librarian at the Hellenic Competition Commission

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