Government Libraries as Knowledge Platforms: Closing Notes

Participants in the session "Government Libraries as Knowledge Platforms". Photo taken by Louise Ian T. de los Reyes.

Participants in the session “Government Libraries as Knowledge Platforms”. Photo taken by Louise Ian T. de los Reyes.

A new edition of the IFLA Annual Congress was held in Lyon (France) last August. As every year, the Government Libraries Section was glad to sponsor a session where  working projects in government units were showcased.

For instance, John McDonough detailed the improved processes worked by the Library & Research Service  (L&RS) of the Houses of the Oireachtas, the parliament of the Republic of Ireland. The Library first undertook a digitisation project in 2009 to scan its collection of documents and, at a later stage, developed an online submission system for government departments to formally submit documents to the parliament.  Through these projects, the L&RS has developed in practice a national official publication repository.  The need for such a repository is reinforced by the ongoing rationalisation of departments and the closure of library services within such units.

Speaking of repositories, Felix R. Nsiimoomwe presented the project handled by the Knowledge Management Centre of the Bank of Uganda. The presentation analyzed the efforts of collecting and electronic conversion of the unpublished research documents generated in the Bank, being the main objective to ensure that employees of the Bank can share their professional knowledge with colleagues in their respective departments, so as to continuously build capacity within the Bank as a whole. The project is currently under implementation stage and it is taking great advantage of a Sharepoint application that is also being rolled out across the Bank by the Information Technology department.

In connection with another type of government unit, Raymund E. Liboro and Louise Ian T. de los Reyes delivered a presentation on the STARBOOKS project, the first Philippines’ Science Digital Library. The program is managed by the Science and Technology Information Institute (STII) of the Department of Science and Technology of The Philippines, and involves the distribution of stand-alone information kiosks throughout the country.  The general objective is to maximize the use of materials related to science and technology maintained at the STII Library by making them available to the general public. The presentation covered the features of the STARBOOKS kiosks, the type of material placed as part of the accessible collection and details of the relationship between the STII and the stakeholders which agreed to allow the installation of the kiosks in their premises.

In addition, there were talks about the Indian open access repository of government publications and regarding the Russian libraries as information platforms. Together the presentations gave a proper glimpse of information-oriented initiatives around government agencies and the enhanced delivery of services to their respective patrons.

We thank our session speakers who did a great job with their presentations on behalf of the Government Libraries Section.

Some slide presentations displayed during the session:

  • Putting a roof over their heads – the development of an electronic submission, storage and delivery system for government documents / John McDonough [Presentation]
  • An electronic document repository of internally generated knowledge: A case of Bank of Uganda Knowledge Management Centre / Felix R. Nsiimoomwe [Presentation]
  • The Philippines’ first Science Digital Library / Raymund E. Liboro and Louise Ian T. de los Reyes [Presentation]
  • Developing an Open Access Digital Repository (OADR) of Official and Government Publications of India (OGPI) as a knowledge platform for Indian citizens / Sanjay K Bihani & Sunil Goria [Presentation]

Finally, you can access the minutes of the Government Libraries Section meetings during the congress here.

Post updated on 10 November 2014: The presentation of Mr. Bihani and Mr. Goria is included.

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  • Very interesting. I liked the presentation about STARBOOKS in Philipinnes and the one regarding the House of the Oireachtas in Ireland.

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