Open Data Sevilla

It is not a surprise to find open data events nowadays. One such event took place  a few days ago in Seville, Spain. The II meeting on open government & open data (II jornadas en gobierno abierto y open data Sevilla) was organised by Opendata Seville Group and Universidad Pablo Olavide. The purpose was to promote transparency, public information access and participation from the open government standpoint.

Open government data are public data that can be released, used and reused by any citizen. This implies a logic where modes of information production and distribution at government should be intended to be open and transparent.

As other similar events, the exchange raised questions such as why civic service should open institutional data? and how data should be released? putting the benefit of citizens as the main justification for these potential procedures in public agencies.

During this event, it is worth noting that information professionals with interest in libraries were part of the meeting (at the Speaker Corner Section)**.  Since it is possible to find public data in some kind of libraries and there are librarians with experience in information management, it is important  to have some of them involved and engaged in this kind of endeavour.

More information:

[Spanish] Gaceta tecnológica: Abrir los datos es compartir riqueza


** Nancy Gómez and Gema Bueno from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Adrian Macías from Dokumentalistas.

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