Successful events in Helsinki! Lyon will receive WLIC 2014!

The activities of the Government Libraries Section have been successful. Sessions sponsored and cosponsored by us have had a big number of attendees, and there has been participation between them and the speakers (Q&As, comments, etc.). Many members of the Section as well as other people have attended to our 2 public meetings.
We will come back to you soon with more information.

At the closing session, the venue for the WLIC 2014 has been announced: Lyon! (France)

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  • government-libraries

    I think that the number of attendees for our session “The suprising world of government libraries” have been sufficient, considering that it has been the last day of the congress and very soon in the morning, and coinciding with the Director speech.
    I am happy because the public has been participative and it seems that the speeches were interesting.
    Cheers and thanks to all!

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