Access to Digital Case Law in the United States: A Historical Perspective

Legal information arena will also be covered in our session at IFLA Annual Congress Dr. Xiaohua Zhu will provide a historical perspective on the access rights to case law information in digital formats in the United States, focusing on the intertwined socio-technical factors as well as the major actors, including the government, information providers, libraries, and public interest groups, who have shaped and changed the access rights.

Case law is a particular type of government information that is, by U.S. law, within the public domain and therefore should have made a strong case for open, equal, and free access. But the process to make access to this information open and free has not been easy, and the country still lacks a comprehensive digital public access system.

The presentation calls for government librarians and law librarians to play a more active role in promoting equal access to this kind of government information.


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