The United States Federal Depository Program: Act on Change

An American Federal Program which promotes access to government information. This is the target of one of the presentations  that will be covered in session 193 of the upcoming IFLA World Library and Information Congress. Below the abstract proposed by the authors Braunstein & Cassell & Beard & Satterfield:

The United States Federal Depository Program (FDLP) has been in existence since the early 19th Century as a mechanism for providing free retrieval of information published by the government at citizens’ expense.  Although the program has served as a model of government transparency and citizen access to government publications for so many years, it is now under pressure to continue to provide that access in spite of significant budget cuts at all levels of the system, from the creators of the information to the direct providers—libraries found all over the country.  This paper will discuss the history of the program, some of the challenges it has always faced, and the newest challenges that appear to be threatening the program’s very existence and bringing about the possible demise of truly free access to our government’s publications.

The session 193 organised by the Government Libraries IFLA Section will take place on August 16 in Helsinki, Finland as part of the IFLA General Conference.

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