Peru: National Library’s Head confirmed in office

Photo Source: El Comercio (Historical Archive)Ramon Mujica was recently confirmed again as Head of the Peru’s National Library by the incoming President Ollanta Humala. Mujica, who has been in office since September 2010, was actively exposed in media because of his complaints about some valuable books which had been taken away from the library.
According what it was reported, approximately 900 antique publications have been systematically stolen from library collections.  As a result, Mujica has stated an internal investigation.
Meanwhile, the Humala Administration has announced an extra allocation of 5 millions of  Nuevos Soles for enhancing security in the library premises. In this sense, it is expected that central government’s support can be consolidated in the following years by fixing a higher budget to face not only library supervision but preservation issues.
Photo Source: El Comercio – Peru (Historical Archive)

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