Introducing the new Standing Committee members

The new Standing Committee of the Government Libraries Section was announced during the IFLA Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on August 2011. We would like to introduce its members to you.

GLS Standing Committee members worldwide

Miguel Navas-Fernández (Catalonia, Spain) is a member of the Standing Committee since 2009. He has served as Information Coordinator / Web Editor for the last 2 years and now he has been elected as the new Chair.

He has been working in the government libraries field for 7 years. Currently, he is as librarian in the Law Libraries Network of Catalonia.

Sanjay K. Bihani (India), presently based in London (UK), has been elected as Secretary / Treasurer. He has got large experience in IFLA activities during last few years. He is a member of the Section since 2007 and this is his 2nd term. He is also an Editorial Committee Member of IFLA Journal.

Previously, he was a member of CLM (Copyright and Legal Matters Committee) and RSCAO (Regional Standing Committee of Asia and Oceania) of IFLA during 2007-2011, being now part of the latter as a Corresponding member.

Guillermo García Capcha (Peru) is a new member of the Standing Committee. He had his first contact with IFLA last year, when he received a grant to attend the congress in Gothenburg, where he read a paper about the information management within a local government in Lima, Peru.

He has been elected as the Information Coordinator / Web Editor.

Members that continue in the Standing Committee for the following 2 years or have been re-elected for 4 more years are: María del Carmen Díez-Hoyo (Spain), Maria Goeckeritz (Germany), Inger Jepsson (Sweden), Mika Lawler (Japan), Jerry Mansfield (Chair 2007-2011, Library of Congress, USA), Patrick Ryan (member since 2005, and former Secretary / Treasurer), Pierre-Alain Tilliette (France) and Emma Voskanyan (Russian Federation).

New members are: Margarita García-Moreno (Deputy Director of Publications, Ministry of Defence, Spain), Elina Kähö (Information Specialist at the Information Services of the Ministry of Finance, Finland), and Beacher Wiggins (Director for Acquisitions and Bibliographic Access, Library of Congress, USA).

We give them our warmest welcome! We expect the best from them and hope that they will have a very exciting stay with us.

The following members are leaving: Rebecca Davies (United Kingom), Laurie Atkinson (Australia), Gundula Felten (Germany), Maija Jussilainen (Finland) and Fonkam Azu’u Samuel (Cameroon). We are sorry to see them go, and want to thank them for their valuable contribution during last years.

Aditionally, the corresponding members positions are being renewed, because we want to give a chance to new people.

Currently we have Magdalena Biota (Documentation and Information Center, Information Services, Ministry of Economy and Public Finance, Argentina), Hannah Fischer (Information Research Specialist, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, USA), Pavel Kiselev (Legal Assistant to General Director, Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library, Russian Federation) and Carmel Idim (Library – Public Service Institute in Abuja, Nigeria).

The complete list of members with full details is available at

We want to build a strong community regarding the government libraries topics. Our Section has to be a place for meeting, advice, exchanging ideas and helping each other.

Having in mind that IFLA is the global voice of the library and information profession, we would like to become the cornerstone of the government libraries and government librarians worldwide.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be delighted to work with you.

With best wishes,

The Government Libraries Section

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