Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Itinerary report

By IFLA grantee Magdalena Biota

Magdalena Biota was one of the IFLA grantees this year. She is a certified translator and cataloger with the Documentation and Information Center of the Ministry of Economy and Public Finance in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She wrote this interesting “Itinerary report”, based on her experiences in the last WLIC congress in Gothenburg.

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Librarians Helping Librarians

By Jerry W. Mansfield – Chair, Government Libraries Section.

Nearly every library has an “Ask a Librarian” link on their website via which a library patron may ask any librarian a question via the web and receive a reply back via email or in a response posted to a website for other patrons to read. Now there is a similar service for librarians who are having difficulty in locating, identifying, creating, or comparing either responses, plans, or products and more. Heather Negley, a librarian living in Virginia (USA), has developed the website Help a Librarian available at>.

help a librarian

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