E-Book and Interlibrary Loan; An Austalian Perspective


The  Australian Library and Information Association has published the survey result on E-Book and  Interlibrary Loan, The report is entitled the Need for Interlibrary Lending in an Ebook Environment.

The key finding includes;
  1. Overseas vendors dominate ebook supply and libraries find it difficult to source the Australian content they seek in ebook format.
  2. While over half the participants are currently able to supply their library users with the ebooks and electronic documents they need without relying on interlibrary loans and document delivery, for a substantial minority (43%), this is already an important elementof their service.
  3. In the future, when more books are published electronically, participants see the need for interlibrary lending of ebooks and document delivery of electronic materials escalating, with 80% saying it will be an important element of their service.
  4. Current book licences vary enormously and participants lack clarity about what can and cannot be achieved in the areas of interlibrary lending and document delivery. The majority of respondents are unable to provide these services under their licence agreements.
  5. Looking to the future, respondents overwhelmingly feel that interlibrary lending and document delivery will be important for library users, but there are concerns about affordability and publishers’ licensing restrictions.
  6. Some respondents are optimistic that options such as purchase on demand and consortia to provide access to a broader scope of material for their users will offset the need for interlibrary lending, but the majority are concerned that there will be a significant impact on service levels.

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