Monthly Archive for October, 2013

Post-Conference Report from Beijing

Below is the Conference Report submitted by  Mark Kluzek (King’s College London). Thanks Mark ! The 13th IFLA Interlending and Document Supply conference was held in Beijing from 16th – 18th October 2013.  It was a resounding success with a consistently high standard of presentations and a very hospitable, professional hosting […]

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Travel Fund for the 13th IFLA ILDS Conference

Congratulations! Three colleagues from Laos, Nepal and Pakistan are awarded the travel fund for attending the 13th IFLA ILDS Conference in Beijing, China. The recipients are Ramesh Bhattarai, Liberty Institute of Information Technology (Kathmandu, Nepal) Syed Ghyour Hussain,  Director, National Library of Pakistan(Islamabad, Pakistan) Bouakhay Phenphachanah, Deputy Director, National Library of Laos(Vientiane, Laos) The recipients are also […]

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Information for the 2013 ILDS Conference Attendees

The last announcement from the event coordinator is attached to this post. From the PDF file, you will find the information regarding the transportation, accommodations, area maps and others. Last announcement- ILDS conference pdf for Overseas participants

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