Monthly Archive for July, 2022

A day in the life of an IFLA Section officer

This blog post aims to give prospective Standing Committee members the opportunity to experience – through words – a “day in the life” of an IFLA Section officer. I hope to answer some common questions, including what an IFLA Section officer “feels like” and what an Information Coordinator deals with […]

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What collaborating with others at IFLA mean?

CPDWL Section has written in its Action Plan what specific subjects we want to cover and work on within the next two years (2022-2023). We must review the Action Plan every six months and update the tasks, challenges, working group members, and timetables. It’s a decision of our Section made long ago […]

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A Start-Up Library for the Diaspora in Silicon Valley: An Emerging Story

by Mantra Roy As an academic librarian in a public Higher Education Institute in the most diverse metropolitan city in the United States, San José in California, a major city in Silicon Valley in the greater Bay Area, I am very familiar with conversations about developing programs and services for […]

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