Webinar Recording: Open Access and libraries: Lessons from COVID-19 and our path towards the future

Open Access and libraries: Lessons from COVID-19 and our path towards the future

IFLA has affirmed that comprehensive open access to scholarly literature and research documentation is vital to the understanding of our world and to the identification of solutions to global challenges and particularly the reduction of information inequality. Coalition S which is hosted by the European Science Foundation, has stated that full and immediate Open Access to research results can provide fast answers to protect lives and curb disasters. It is time to make full use of that potential for other global crises that are threatening us. UNESCO is promoting and supporting the online availability of scholarly information to everyone, free of most licensing and copyright barriers—for the benefit of global knowledge flow, innovation and socio-economic development.  Join us for an event with library leaders and learn about how they are managing Open Access efforts in the midst of COVID-19 to move forward research and access to information free of barriers during these times when libraries are deeply impacted by the pandemic. Speakers come from MIT, SPARC, Open-Access- Büro Berlin, and IFLA.

Moderator: Loida Garcia-Febo, CPDWL Consultant, International Library Consultant

Chris Bourg, Director, MIT Libraries
Stephen Wyber, IFLA Manager, Policy and Advocacy
Agnieszka Zofia, Open-Access-Büro Berlin, Open-Access-Referentin im Projekt open-access.network
Nick Shockey, Director of Programs & Engagement, SPARC