ARL Standing Committee Elections: twelfth candidate

Twelfth candidate statement: Jonas Ake. IFLA Standing Committee elections are currently underway, and the ARL Standing Committee is excited to be welcoming new members. We have invited our candidates to submit short biographies so that those of you who are voting members will have some background in making your selections.
I am interested  to join the section “academic and research libraries” because firstly I am librarian in this field and secondly I am a holder of a Master’s degree in archival and a license(Bachelor’s degree) in science of the documentary information.  I am a librarian – archivist in office to the Ministry of Culture and the Francophony of Ivory Coast since July, 2011. I am at present in service to the higher National Institute of the Arts and the Cultural action ( I.N.S.A.A.C). This is an institute of university education and a direction(management) of the aforementioned ministry. I adhere to the AIFBD on May 02nd, 2013.
In 2015, I am retained for the program Young Leaders ( ) of Libraries without Borders ( BSF). This program aimed at reinventing the libraries of tomorrow through the strengthening of the public and community libraries of French-speaking Africa in their role of conduct of the innovation and the transformation.
I will be glad to share my experience in this job.


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