Monthly Archives: March 2014

Well worth a read: Horizon report 2014 Higher Education edition

The annual report describes findings from the NMC Horizon Project, an ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education. Six key trends, six significant challenges, and six emerging technologies are identified across three adoption horizons over the next one to five years.

Among other findings, this year’s report identifies the “Integration of Online, Hybrid, and Collaborative Learning” and the “Growing Ubiquity of Social Media” as “fast trends” (over the next one to two years). The “Shift from Students as Consumers to Students as Creators” and the “Rise of Data-Driven Learning and Assessment” are expected to be mid-range trends (over the next three to five years). “Agile Approaches to Change” and the “Evolution of Online Learning” are seen as long-range trends (more than five years away).  Full details available.

Yale University Library loans out Google Glass

In cooperation with the Instructional Technology Group (ITG) and the Student Technology Collaborative (STC), the Yale University Library has added the futuristic eyewear, Google Glass—unofficially dubbed “Yale Bass Glass” – to its collection of media devices at the Bass Library. As the group plans for general use of the technology in the fall semester, faculty and student groups are encouraged to contact the collaborative during the spring semester with their ideas to explore the potential of Google Glass in enhancing classroom instruction and the research experience.  Full details from Yale University Library News