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47th National Library Reunion Argentina

47th National Library Reunion Argentina 21st to 23rd April, for program and registration see: http://www.abgra.org.ar/47RNB_Info.htm http://www.abgra.org.ar/47RNB_inscripcion.htm

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Read ACD colleague Shali Zhang report on WLIC 2012!

Read this extensive report here.

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Please browse ACD 2012 Helsinki Open Session Documents!

Dear ACD enthusiast, Whereas you’ll still be able to access the ACD Open Session papers on the Helsinki Conference Website, we have created for you a special page on our blog to access the related powerpoint presentations. Please have a read here: Powerpoints Page    

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ACD Information Coordinator awarded 2012 IFLA Communicator Of The Year title!

Our Information Coordinator Jérôme Fronty received the award of COMMUNICATOR OF THE YEAR 2012 at the closing session of the WLIC in Helsinki for his work this year with our Section, including creating our blog to replace our newsletter. Congratulations on behalf of all members of the Standing Committee for […]

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Please join and get a revival of ACD Open Session during 2012 WLIC in Helsinki!

  The Acquisition and Collection Development Committee Open Session at the WLIC in Helsinki on: “Treating Print in an Increasing Digital Collection: Issues, Dilemmas & Directions” on Tuesday, 14 August 2012 was a great success. Moderator and Programme Director Julia Gelfand introduced the topic: “With the emphasis of many library […]

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Message from the ACD Section Chair

Greetings everyone, I am pleased that we are launching this new blog which is replacing our newsletter as the way we will communicate as a committee. Please send your book reviews and articles to Regine Schmolling, our Secretary, and as our Information Coordinator, Jérôme Fronty will be the contact to […]

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ACD Helsinki Open Session Programme Now Available!

ACD Open Session Programme at the WLIC Congress in Helsinki on Tuesday August 14, 2012 (13:45 – 15:45) will be devoted to:  

“Treating Print in an Increasing Digital Collection: Issues, Dilemmas & Directions”

Traditional print resources are becoming a challenging format and commodity in many libraries. With the emphasis of many library collections to establish a greater digital presence and library staff rethinking space issues, reader preferences indicating a leaning towards more online resources and access than depending on print, the perception of print potentially becoming endangered appears significant. Print, however will not disappear and as we consider the 2012 IFLA Presidential theme, “Libraries: A Force for Change,” we suggest that print in the short and long term, will contribute to that part of the theme as “inclusionary, transformational and innovative” in how it integrates with a growing digital collection.
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