Monthly Archive for December, 2015

[IFLA-L] IFLA welcomes the Outcome Document of the WSIS+10 Review

The United Nations General Assembly approved the Outcome Document of the High­ Level Meeting of the General Assembly on the Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes on the 16th of December in New York. The Outcome Document reaffirms the commitment to the vision of the World Summit of the […]

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ACD – ExCo December 3, 2015

ACD – ExCo minutes 12-3-2015  

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2016 programme proposals as approved by the professional Committee

2016 programme proposals as approved by the Professional Committee Dear Colleagues, Please find enclosed the list of Programmes as they were approved by the Professional Committee. All programmes, as received by IFLA HQ, were approved. For those groups who have not done so already, please post your Calls for Papers […]

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