Where Are MOOCs Really Going?

Beyond the Buzz, Where Are MOOCs Really Going?

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Just in time. Michael Horn and Clayton Christensen say the real disruptive potential of MOOCs lies in their ability to provide customized learning experiences as demand moves from the traditional degree toward on-the-job education. And although a few big-name universities have jumped into the game with their own brands, the authors predict the ultimate advantage will go to “adaptive learning platforms—like Khan Academy and Knewton—[which] may actually be better positioned than MOOCs (in their current forms) to improve learning and serve numbers of students with tailored offerings.”

It’s all very well and good to ask (over and over again) “whither the MOOC,” but consider what the participating institutions stand to gain. Hint: it’s not learning how to educate the masses better. It’s learning new tricks for those enrolled in residential programs on campus. And when the campus doesn’t scale, institutions will be able to develop better online “fees and degrees” programs for those in online cohorts. Institutions that excel at this will do more than merely move the existing classroom online; they will exploit the online environment for its strengths. Change is gonna come, and no one knows where that change will lead. Which makes it a great time to experiment.






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