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The Acquisition & Development Section is happy to invite you to its

Satellite Meeting in Kuopio, Finland

9th to 10th August 2012

Theme: Global policies, Imperatives and Solutions for the Efficient Library Collection Management and Access to Less Used Documents

Satellite Meeting in Kuopio, Finland

9th to 10th August 2012

Theme: Global policies, Imperatives and Solutions for the Efficient Library Collection Management and Access to Less Used Documents

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Conference Theme and Focus

Digital material is becoming dominant in many libraries. Especially in universities engaged in research and teaching in Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) subjects need to concentrate on digital content provision. At the same time economic constrains force libraries to make savings where ever they can. Savings can be made in profiled collection policies and profiled acquisitions. The costs of library premises are also a target of institutional economic consideration. Premises to accommodate print collections are being reduced and if possible local storage facilities should be rejected. One viable solution to maintain availability to print collections is outsourcing.

The National Repository Library of Finland has hosted the International Conference of Print Repositories and Repository Libraries on three occasions. During these conferences the need for efficient management of less used research documents on a global level has been highlighted as an issue. This demands new logistical and policy innovations in order to guarantee as easy access to these documents. The rise of the digital dissemination and new technologies has given libraries new tools, but at the same time the global copyright legislation continues to set new challenges for the libraries.

This satellite conference continues to focus on issues connected with efficient print collection management and guaranteeing access to print not as a curious artefact but as a genuine vehicle to communication with the best archival prospect.


8.8. Wednesday, evening

19.00 – 22.00 Welcome party at the University of Eastern Finland

9.8. Thursday

9.30 – 11.30 Opening session

Welcome, Pentti Vattulainen
Keynote, Steve O’Connor, Director, Information Exponentials, Australia: Content, marketing and the ownership of our intellectual futures
Invited speaker: Ari Muhonen, Director, Viikki Campus Library, University of Helsinki: Life Cycle of a Book.
Jarmo Saarti, Director, University of Eastern Finland Library & Pentti Vattulainen: Management of and Access to Print Collections in National and Repository Libraries in Europe


12.30 – 14.30 Session1: Repository libraries

Invited speaker, Bernard F. Reilly, President, Center for Research Libraries, Chcago, USA: The Future of Cooperative Collections and Repositories: a Case Study of the CRL
Cathie Jilovsky, Chief information officer, Caval Ltd, Australia: The CARM2 Print Repository: Fom Planning to operations
Jean-Louis Baraggioli, Director, CTLes & Bernadette Patte, Deputy Director, CTLes, Paris, France: The CTLes – an example of stewardship and service leading the way in collection mutualisation.


15.00 – 17.00 Session 2: Preserving print serials

Daryl Yang: Manager, United Kingdom Research Reserve, London, UK: UKRR – A Sustainable Model from Print to E-collection?
Helen Renwick, Associate University Librarian, The University of Auckland Library, New Zealand: Preserving print collections: The New Zealand university libraries and collaborative storage
Agnieszka Wolanska, Wroclaw University Library of Technology, Poland: Central managing of serials collection in Wroclaw University of Technology as a factor of effectiveness in delivering resources for users
Julia Gelfand, Applied Sciences and Engineering Librarian, University of California, Irvine & Anthony Lin, Head of Reference and Technical Services, Irvine Valley College Library, USA : Grey Literature: Format Agnostic Yet Gaining Recognition in the Library Collection

Conference dinner: Alahovi Berry Farm





10.8. Friday

9.30 – 12.00 Session 3: Digital issues: providing better access to print

Invited Speaker: TBA
Gillian M. McCombs, Dean and director of the Central University Libraries at Sothern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA: The Use of Digitl Strategies to Manage print Collections More Efficiently, and Provide Global Access to Less-Used Research Collections: A Case Stury at a Small U.S. Research University

Break, refreshments

Barbara Chmielewska & Agnieszka Wrobel, Library of Warsaw University, Poland: Providing access to historical collections through digitization.
Svetlana Tretyakova, National Library of Karelia, Russia: Creation of open electronic libraries as a way to manage library collections
Sha Li Zhang, Assistant Dean for Collections and Technical Services, University of Carolina, Greensboro, USA: Implementing patron-driven acquisition model: a progress report

12.00 – Wrap-up, Panel


Afternoon: Workshop on agenda for future actions


sightseeing tour including visit to the National Repository Library

16.00 Closing

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